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EWAS Course

December 2017 - Hong-Kong, China - Wrist Arthroscopy Workshop and Seminar


The 2017 Hong Kong International Wrist Arthroscopy Workshop and Seminar on 9-11 Dec 2017 is now open for registration. Some vacancies are still available so please don’t miss the chance to join this precious opportunity to learn from the masters and experts at the course. We are proud to have a strong panel of 13 international experts from 9 countries and 20 local faculty members at the course.  On top as a breaking news, we are honoured to present Dr. TERRY WHIPPLE, widely recognised as the founder of modern wrist arthroscopy, first time coming to Hong Kong and Asia, to share his inspiring story in establishing the tecnique in the 80’s and his wisdom in managing wrist problem.

Other special features of this year’s event include:

1.       Symposium with main theme on Central Chronic Wrist Pain problem

2.       A special mini-symposium on Arthroscopic Bone Grafting to celebrate the  

          20th anniversary since inception of this concept and technique in our center   

3.       Clinical workshop on Wrist Examination technique

4.       Clinical Radiological Conference on chronic wrist pain management with    

          patient evaluation on stage

5.       Two-days Advanced cadaveric wrist arthroscopy workshop for the

          experienced practitioners

5.       Two sessions of One-day Intermediate cadaveric wrist arthroscopy   

          workshop for the less experienced

6.       Live Surgery relay on wrist arthroscopy

7.       Invitation to Course Banquet

8.       One to two weeks of Clinical Attachment to observe clinical practice

managing wrist disorders including live surgery (require special application )



Orthopaedic Learning Centre
Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Society for Surgery of the Hand (HKSSH)

Course Director: PC HO

For enquiries, please contact

Natalie Chin: (852) 2632 3074
Email contact for the course: olc@ort.cuhk.edu.hk
Website: http://www.olc-cuhk.org

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