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EWAS Course

May 11th 2019 - Theoretical-practical course on prepared anatomical - Advanced course Milano


2° Course Base of ARTROSCOPIA of Wrist: anatomy and surgical techniques artroscopiche

The registrations are open to the 2° Basic Course of Artroscopia of Wrist on prepared anatomical

Maximum number of participants: 16
The course has the purpose to help the understanding of the anatomy artroscopica and on it to apply the principal techniques of base for the diagnosis artroscopica of the articular lesions, for the removals of the ganglions, for the sutures artroscopiche and the ritensionamentis legamentosi artroscopici.
You will hold for the whole day of Saturday 11 May. You will be divided in two parts, the first one where you will be understood to full the anatomy artroscopica and the three-dimensional anatomy of the carpo, also with the aid of prepared anatomical osteolegamentosi and the use of amplifier of brillanza intraoperatorio for better three-dimensionally orienting in the bony spaces, and a second part where the principal procedures base of diagnosis and sutures artroscopiche will be performed.
ECM Credits anticipated: 14,4


Course Director: Andrea Ghezzi

contact mail : doctorgiz@gmail.com  


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