NEW MESSAGE from Secretary General - JR Haugstvedt/ Paco Pinal

NEW MESSAGE from Secretary General - JR Haugstvedt/ Paco Pinal

Dear all EWAS members.

We hope to see you all at the upcoming FESSH meeting in Paris this coming June. EWAS will, as usual, have the General Assembly (GA) during the FESSH meeting. Please find enclosed the Agenda for the GA. In the agenda, the place and time for the GA is announced.

At the GA we will also discuss and vote for changes of our By-laws. The proposed new By-laws are also enclosed.

All the best, and hope to see you all in Paris


Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt, MD, PhD

Consultant, Hand Surgery



Dear EWAS Members:


Please find below the AGENDA for the


to be held Friday June 20, 2014 at 12:30-13:00 in Amphi Bleu.


1- Introductory remarks from the Secretary General

2- Presidential Report (David Slutsky)

3- Financial Report and new members (Jerome Garret)

4- Internet Report (Jane Messina)

5- Presentation of the Whipple Prize and EWAS junior grant. (Paco Piñal, Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt)

6- Update on meeting and courses and future directions (Christophe Mathoulin)

 7- Election of new Executive committee members (Paco Piñal)

8- Creation of Advisory Board (Max Haerle)

9- Presentation of the Journal of Wrist Surgery conditions of agreement and results of the pool (Paco Piñal)

10- Future location of EWAS (Max Haerle)

11- Need for a secretary-function within EWAS (Max Haerle and Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt)

12- Decision of membership fee (including subscription of JWS) (Paco Piñal)

13- Next GA

 -Any other issue to be discussed.

Paco Piñal/Jan Haugstvedt

Secretary General and VSG or EWAS







                  European Wrist Arthroscopy Society




Art 1: Aim and Purpose

EWAS was created March 19, 2005. It is an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and Decree of 16 August 1901 to name "European Group for Wrist Arthroscopy"


« European Wrist Arthroscopy Society » is an organisation which represents all surgeons interested in the field of wrist surgery and wrist arthroscopy. Its object is to improve the standard of wrist arthroscopy and wrist surgery.

The purpose of EWAS is to rationalize and unify the training and educational structure for the development of wrist arthroscopy.


The headquarters of the association is at the Secretary General in PARIS, 6 Square JOUVENET, 75016. It may be transferred by decision of the Executive committee (EC).



Art 2:  Acting Methods


EWAS organizes special courses devoted to wrist arthroscopy and wrist surgery. There are two types of courses: the official EWAS-Ircad Courses taking place in Ircad-Europe, Ircad-Asia and Ircad-Brazil. These courses are usually two per year (Basic and Advanced). There are also Endorsed-EWAS courses, which are the responsibility of an active member, but under the scientific and technical control of EWAS and Chairman of Teaching Committee


Art 4: Membership


The Society is formed of active members, associate members and honorary members.


1/ Active Members

They are surgeons of which a part of the surgical activity is devoted to the wrist surgery and wrist arthroscopy.  Active members pay fees, participate to General Assembly (GA) and have a right to vote and to be elected as member of executive committee, or other committees.


2/ Associate members

They are all individuals who are not surgeons, eg Orthopaedic trainees, Physiotherapist, sports doctors, who are interested in wrist surgery and wrist arthroscopy. They pay reduced fees, participate to the GA, but they do not have the right to vote, nor to be elected as member of any committee.


3/ Honorary Members
The honorary members are all persons to which ones this distinction will have been awarded by the GA of the association and who have given a particularly

high contribution in the field of wrist surgery and/or wrist arthroscopy, or who have given a particularly high contribution to the society

Conditions of Admission: Being a doctor in medicine, qualified as a surgeon, accept the rules of the present by-laws, regularly practicing wrist arthroscopy.


The loss of membership of an Active Member may occur in three circumstances:

  • Decision by EC to withdraw the member from EWAS
  • Personal request of the member
  • No payment of dues for a period of more than 2 years


In each case, the GA takes the decision based on the recommendation of the EC.


Art 5:  Funding


The funding of EWAS is mainly derived from:

  • Member’s fees: The EC determines the active member’s fee per capita. Fees are paid each year or each two year in January
  • Revenues from meeting and courses (if available)
  • Royalties from book edited by EWAS (if available)
  • Gifts and sponsorship are acceptable means of funding for EWAS


Art 6:  Organization


1/ EWAS committee

  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President (non member of EC)
  • Past-President
  • Secretary General
  • Vice Secretary General
  • Treasurer
    . Responsible of membership
  • Chairman of IT committee

       IT development (non member of EC)

  •  Chairman of Future development committee  with two members (non member of EC)
  • Chairman of Scientific committee

. Sport societies relation (EFOST, WST, ISSPORTH, SFTS…) (non member of EC)

            . Scientific societies relation (FESSH, EFORT, IMUKA, ESKA, ISAKOS…)

  • Advisory Board (AB, the chairman being the Past GS. All members of EC)


(non member of EC)

  • Chairman of Teaching committee

. Barcelona course
. Brazilian course

. Eastern-Europe course

. German course

. Hong-Kong course

. Lisbon course

. Miami course

. Ocean Asia courses and congresses

. Rotterdam course

. Strasburg course

. Taiwan course

. Nordic Wrist Arthroscopy course (Copenhagen)



The Secretary General (SG) is elected for a period of 3 years by the GA on the recommendation of EC. The GA may consider other nominations. The SG can be re-elected for further term(s).


The treasurer is elected for a period of 5 years by the GA upon the recommendation of EC The GA may consider other nominations. The treasurer can be re-elected for a further term of 5 years. He (or she) will in cooperation with a hired part-time secretary coordinate the members list, the list of email addresses, maintain the membership directory and collect the dues from the members. He (or she) will also hold the accounts of the association and, under the supervision of the President carry out the payments and do a financial report to every GA. The treasurer should meet in the EC and is able to vote.

The SG and the Treasurer represent the association in all acts of civil life and in Justice.


The president is elected by GA for one year, on the recommendation of council of president chaired by past-president. He is elected 3 years before his term becoming 2nd Vice-President (he is member of committee, but not yet member of EC), then 1st Vice-President. He becomes member of EC for a 3 years period (1st Vice-President, President, Past president)

During his term of presidency he has to organize the EWAS sessions during the annual FESSH meeting with the help of a member of EWAS of the host country of the FESSH congress, chosen by SG and in relation with the Chairman of FESSH congress.

When he becomes Past President, he is the chairman of council of President in charge of selection of future Presidents


The Advisory Board (AB) will serve the EC with advises in discussions regarding new ideas and the future perspectives of the EWAS. The AB will be appointed by the GA upon recommendations from EC among the more experienced members of EWAS (former Presidents and former SGs). The members of the AB should serve for a period of three years, however the period could be renewed. The AB could veto any decision made by the EC and bring the issue in discussion in for GA for final decision.


The Chairman of teaching committee is responsible for courses, selection of experts, choices of sponsors and all matters related to the organization of the official EWAS-Ircad courses; He is helped by the responsible of the different courses, and he can help, if necessary, the organizer/chairman of the EWAS endorsed courses. He is responsible for these courses being according to the EWAS spirit end rules. He is elected for a period of 3 years, however can be reelected for further period(s).


The Chairman of IT committee is in charge of the EWAS website. He is helped by the responsible for the IT development. He should keep track of all events organized by EWAS, select and report them on the web site and do what is necessary for the development of the society through the internet. He is elected for a period of 3 years, however could be reeleted.


The Chairman of Future Development committee is in charge, with the help of two other members, of the availability of future development in the field of wrist surgery and wrist arthroscopy. This committee will work on 4 different projects: robotic, augmented reality, flexible optical, single incision. He is elected for a period of 3 years, however could be reelected.


The Chairman of Scientific Committee is responsible for auditing and checking quality of science produced by EWAS. He may also decide to direct specific searches with the help of interested members and will lead these projects. He will be assisted by two responsible, one for relationships with scientific societies turned to sports injuries, and another for relations with other scientific societies. He is elected for a period of 3 years, however could be reelcted.


2/ Executive Committee (EC).

The society is managed by an Executive committee part of EWAS committee

The Executive committee hosts 10 members: President, Vice President, Past president (chairman of council of Presidents), Secretary General (Chairman of EC, in case of vote counts double), Vice Secretary General, Treasurer, Chairman of IT committee, Chairman of Scientific committee, Chairman of FD committee, Chairman of Teaching committee


The EC meets once a year, or more often if found necessary by the SG or on the request of half of its members.  The presence of at least half of its members is necessary to the validity of its deliberations.  The majority of votes takes the decision; if the vote is a tie, the SG’s voice counts double.  The deliberations of the Office are noted by verbal processes established on a special and signed register by the President and Secretary General.


3/ General Assembly
A General Assembly (GA), open to all members of EWAS, is organized at every scientific congress of F.E.S.S.H, by SG and EC.


The invitation will be done by SG individually to each member by email ( , at least 1-one-month before the date of the GA.  The invitation will mention the topics of discussions at the GA, which will be subject to vote at the GA, except unanimous agreement of the « European Wrist Arthroscopy Society»


Only the active members are allowed to vote and the present active members in the GA win the majority.  In case of equality of vote, the President and SG voices count double. 


The GA names and revokes the Committee, decides principal orientations of the activity of the « European Wrist Arthroscopy Society », hears the financial report of the Treasurer and the annual report of the SG, gives power to the SG and to the Treasurer for the management of the association.  It rules on all other questions relating to the functioning of the EWAS

English will be the official language for scientific presentations during the EWAS session, EWAS courses, and General Assembly.


4/ JWS

Journal of Wrist Surgery (JWS) is the official journal of EWAS. Each member pays a reduced fee for the subscription of the JWS, the fee is paid together with the annual dues for the membership of EWAS. The fee, determined each year at the GA, gives the members the right to receive the JWS.



Art 7: Dissolution


In case of dissolution decided by the GA under the conditions mentioned in Article 6-3, one or more liquidators shall be appointed by EC and assets, if any, shall vest in accordance with law and regulations on associations reported.


The present by-laws were approved by the GA, Paris, June 20th, 2014


The President:


The Secretary General:


The 1st Vice President

The Past-President

The Vice Secretary General

The Treasurer

The Chairman of IT committee

The Chairman of Scientific committee

the Chairman of Teaching committee

The Chairman of FD committee

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