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EWAS Course

5th - 6th January 2019 - Singapore - 4th Singapore Wrist Arthroscopy Course.


Course Directors
Andrew CHIN
Andrea ATZEI

Course Supervisor

Singapore General Hospital, Academia
20 college Road, Singapore 169856

Contact for Registration
Website  http://www.singhealthacademy.edu.sg
Ms Woo Wei Sein
Email sims.sssc@singhealth.com.sg

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Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Singapore Wrist Arthroscopy Course. This time we have 2 options available for wrist arthroscopy enthusiast to choose from.

The Fundamentals of Wrist Arthroscopy Course targeted at beginners who have just been exposed or yet to be exposed to performing wrist arthroscopy. Participants are taught the fundamentals of the core and handling the wrist arthroscopy and to perform diagnostic and simple therapeutic procedure way of the scope.

Mastering Wrist Arthroscopy Course is targeted at surgeons who have already performed wrist arthroscopy in their practice and would like to further refine and stretch their technical skills and abilities to achieve expert and master level competency in wrist arthroscopy.

The course will compromise of half day lecture and 1½ days of hands-on cadaveric workshop. There will be one cadaver per day. Participants of the course will get to enjoy and interactive  supervision by the expert international faculty members.

We look forward to your active participation in the course. Welcome to Singapore!


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